Discouragement etc

with my kids being out of school, 3 family members staying in our living/family rooms and my husband not working the past two weeks (etc etc) I have had very little, if any, alone time. I’ve gone off protocol multiple times/days (started SCS in December- had a really nice start the first two weeks!) and am feeling very discouraged. Should I go back and work on December at all (since I haven’t the last two weeks) or should I just dive into January? Any tips for how to encourage myself whilst feeling a bit of a failure? Also, my family (especially my college age daughter who is home for break) loves to go out to eat to restaurants, bakeries, etc for entertainment/ to spend time as family, hanging out and talking, etc… what do people replace that with when trying to stay away from flour/sugar/eating for pleasure? I want to be available to my daughter and I want her to continue enjoying spending time together….