Discovery sessions – advice

Hi Brooke,
I’m fairly new to coaching AND also am having a lot of success. My focus is on working with women who have something they WANT but have not YET gotten/achieved. I call myself an accountability coach and use thought work and various tools I create to help them get where they want to go. Things are going well…and as I get busier and busier (I know at some point I need to scale, but right now I just see every client interaction as an opportunity to learn something new), I’m trading hours for dollars.

I’ve been giving away a Discovery Session to clients who are interested in working with me. These often take an hour (today was 80 minutes!! Wasn’t watching the clock!), and I’m getting to the point where I don’t have an hour to give away.

Here’s the thing: during these sessions, I ask tons of questions, tell them about myself and my methods, and generate connection & trust. I learn a lot about them and see their patterns easily. I’ve so far returned 90% on my investment of time – they purchase a 6-week package at $480 after that.

So, I’m grappling with how other people do this, is there a more effective way to do this, and am I right to think that the ROI is worth the up-front investment of an hour of my time? (I guess I can up my rate of the package they’ll eventually purchase to include the Discovery Session de facto).

Any insights are welcome! Thank you, Jen