Discussion with husband 3

#1 “How might it be possible to connect with your husband even if you are not having sex?”
I could speak with him honestly but not like he is supposed to fix my problem. I could think this is his choice to have sex when he wants to have sex. I could ask him how he feels and what he thinks. I could ask him what he wants to do.
If he had a special condition (and could only have sex every x days because of something in his body), I wouldn’t make it mean something about our connection.
I could think our frequency of sex doesn’t mean anything about our connection.

#2 “In this model, how can you be loving and gentle with yourself as you allow your feelings? How can you create connection with yourself?”
I could think “I feel a sexual tension because I’m a human being, there is nothing to be ashamed of, I’m ok to feel a sexual tension, I may know myself better if I allow myself to feel this sexual tension”

“Is it possible to believe something else about your relationship?”
I could think it’s normal for married couple to have more or less sexual relationships. I could think it will change, it will not be the same for ever. I could think this is an opportunity to connect with my husband.

Thank you!!