Disordered Eating past

Intermittent Fasting is bringing up some thoughts that if I do this it could potentially lead to past disordered eating habits (skipping meals all day, binge in evening, restricting too much, ignoring hunger).

I have put this in the model and challenged the thoughts and came up with new thoughts such as:

I can restrict from a place of love and with love.
I already “restrict” everyday by not eating after dinner, etc.
I am giving my body all the nutrition it needs by eating on plan and my body loves it.
I am learning to feel my feelings and doing the work of self coaching, which I never did before.
This time I am allowing feelings and not pushing them down.
Doing the work for weight loss is the gateway to changing my life in all areas to uplevel.

Do you have any other thoughts/suggestions to help me challenge my initial thought?