I am disorganized. That’s a nice way to put it. Every space in my life – my home, car, desk at work, is disorganized and cluttered. It’s caused me embarrassment, money (lost bills etc), time, affected my relationships, and self esteem – and I’ve had little success changing it. I have a constant state of overwhelm when it comes to this part of my life. I have some health issues and work full time, and by the time I get home – I’m tired AND overwhelmed. The only thing I’ve come across that has helped some is I made a 10 min rule. Every morning and evening, I set the timer and for 10 minutes pickup, throw away, and tidy up. On the weekends, I do this several times through the day and it does make a difference – tho it’s never remotely “tidy”. I struggle with the health things, and it just seems like a vicious cycle of getting somewhere during the weekend, but by Wednesday I’m exhausted and so overwhelmed I can’t function over it and the house goes downhill again.

Put it this way, it would be a crisis if someone knocked on the door or I had to give someone a lift in my car. I’ve tried various programs etc that promise to help you get and keep your house tidy, to little avail. Help, please.