Dispenza – When the Servant Becomes the Master

Brooke, Thank you! I’m learning so much.

I found this quote from Joe Dispenza after you recommended his book, “In truth, the body is the servant of the mind. It follows that the body has become the mind, the servant has become the master. And the former master (the conscious mind) has gone to sleep. The mind might think it’s still in charge, but the body is influencing decisions equal to its memorized emotions.”

That blew me away and explained so much about habitual patterns. Makes so much sense. I love how you constantly say what a powerful tool the brain is. This seems to be making all of the difference. I think to myself I’m pruning away old patterns when I don’t give in to urges, and that just excites the heck out of me.

As for April, what a cool feeling to schedule relaxing. Knowing all I’m doing is relaxing right now, not thinking about what I need to do because that’s scheduled for another time.