Disproving a thought

Is it ok to use the model to prove the opposite result to a thought if the thought is a false one?
I feel like I keep holding back from really doing the hard stuff (decluttering, stop drinking etc.) because a part of me would really like to leave it to some future, more competent version of myself to do. Even though I can see I get to that more competent version because I have already done the work. The gem of a thought my brain came up with was “It’s easier to wait”.

C: Behaviour
T: It’s easier to wait
F: Holding back
A: Don’t commit, spin, buffer, don’t make progress, feel stuck and frustrated
R: It is harder to wait

C: Behaviour
T: Now is the time
F: Commitment
A: Do the work, tackle the hard stuff, show up, keep coaching myself and learn from my mistakes
R: Now is the time!

Bridging thought – I am choosing to believe that now is the time.

Am I on the right track?