I need help thinking of a thought to get me to a result of being able to relax.
Unintentional model:
C: nurse practitioner literally says i don’t know what I’m talking about
T: how dare she disrespect me like that
A: start to raise by voice back at her, talk in a rude voice, ruminate about how she acted, ruminate about how I acted,
R: mentally exhausted

I told myself that I wasn’t going to be triggered by this nurse practitioner when I called her back, and in the moment she was so rude, literally yelling at me and said I didn’t know what I was talking about I was triggered and just responded. Afterwards I was judging myself for reacting to her and bringing myself down to her unprofessional level. I tried having the intentional thought of “I’m learning to control my emotions” but I’m so angry right now thinking about the whole situation. I would never speak to another health care professional in the manner she did. Any tips for how to not get triggered in a situation would be helpful.