Distinguishing feelings as vibrations

I am thinking about the idea that a feeling is a vibration. When I look at feelings being emotions this is easy for me to see how it is derived from a thought. When I think of feelings as physical (like my skin being pricked by a needle) this presents differently to me. There is a feeling that occurs then there is a thought about that feeling which produces an emotional feeling. Do we talk about these feelings all in the same way or are they different? I am because when I work with students (teaching adults beginning swimming and overcoming fear) most of the time is spent on the feeling as emotions that are derived from their thoughts/beliefs. However, we also need to distinguish what is a true feeling of body communication. This is tricky with breathing because they think they are feeling out of air but it is a feeling from their thoughts not from their actual physical need for air. How is this distinction made in the Life School?