Distracted by self-created drama

So, we were out with friends and I brought up the idea of doing an overnight this coming weekend with the other family in the Catskills. I started looking for hotels and everything is booked. There are only Airbnb’s available, but they are super expensive. The friends sent one to us that was $700/family, per night, and we were thinking more like $200/250 a night. Now, I’m driving myself crazy scouring websites to find alternatives and it’s distracting me from my work. The other family is more well off and can afford that stuff. I’m finding myself angry and envious.

C- no hotels available; friend suggested 700/night Airbnb
T- ugh why did I even bring this up
F- regret
A-not able to get my work done; distracted by looking for somewhere to go
R- still haven’t found anywhere to go; can’t focus on the presentation I have to give on Friday