On the VIP call today you helped the one woman understand that her anxiety around debt (student loans) wasn’t the primary thing for her to solve for right now but rather she needed to dig a bit deeper and find out what was going on because she was using debt as a distraction (forgive me if I paraphrased that the wrong way).

It made me wonder if I was continually skipping working out to use it as some sort of distraction. More specifically, I feel like I have this default mindset that I can’t workout because I am too busy (or insert tired some days). But, I know that is not true! I get that busyness is just a thought and to make it even more ridiculous I have more time right now than I have ever had! So, I am perplexed. Can you help me to make sense of this. I tried to do some models (see below) but I think I am overlooking something.


C Exercise
T Feels like another thing I have to do
F not enthusiastic, avoidant, resentful
A avoid doing it
R not exercising – less healthy, gain weight, etc.

C Exercise
T Is something I do for my health no matter what
F Empowered? Deliberate ( I am not sure if I have the right feelings here)
A Exercise regularly
R Feel better – physically and emotionally