Distraction – Am I Distracted or Just Motivated

Even as I write the title I hear you say “look at your results”.

I am working on 1. over-eating/over-drinking (to me they are the same and very important for my goals moving forward as I want to be an example of whats possible – more steps in your already amazing life); 2. My reaction to my husband (this has been a trigger for me to sabotage my goal 1.); 3. I just signed up for coach training (which is a huge move forward and going to be a lot of work that I am really looking forward to and need to do to reach my future goals).

I was listening to your distraction and constraint podcasts and I believe that I have been using food and alcohol as distraction for all of my goals and then I am was thinking maybe I should have constrained more and only focused on that. I am still seeing results in all of these goals (reduced average 14 day drinking, weight), so I am still maintaining forward momentum, slow forward journey I am learning to appreciate…I didn’t get here in a year, it is going to take time and constant effort to move on. This is not distraction correct? I feel like when I look at my phone in the middle of my journaling or start googling the news in the middle of something, that is distraction…but maybe I am justifying taking on the schooling…would love your thoughts…I hope you are having a wonderful day!!!