Hi Brooke and coaches,
I’m working on being the watcher and think about what I’m thinking, be aware of my thoughts.
What I noticed is that when I’m paying attention to my thoughts I get distracted with day-to-day tasks(if this is the right word to describe) that I need to pay attention to.
Eg. Every time I need to leave the house I need to double lock the door. Then, I’m so inside my mind that I leave the house and after few seconds I can’t remember if I double locked it or not. I had to go back few times to check if the door was locked and it was.
Or silly things like, I go to the toilet and need to wash my hands, then I leave the toilet and can’t remember if I did it or not for a second. But I did it, because it was an automatic action. But I am not paying attention to that, but it’s not on purpose.

I even struggle to explain, hope it’s clear enough.
This is bothering me and I don’t know how to manage that. I want to leave the house and be sure it’s locked and not had to go back to check it, which is not ideal. Feel like my mind get distracted.

Your thoughts about this is appreciated. Thanks