This weekend my husband has said he wants a divorce. I feel hurt and upset.
C: husband says he wants divorce
T: I love him and we can work this out
F: frantic
A: ask him to think things through. Ruminate. Envision life without him
R: not eating. Not functioning properly. Stuck in inaction

T: I need to stay calm and focused and willing to be me in all of this
F: curious / reflective
A: ask myself questions about the reality of this situation. Journal. Think. Thought downloads
R: more evidence that this choice is not good or bad but just is. Take back own power and work through what I can control. Realize I can’t control his a line or his f line only mine.

I am scared as this is such a huge step. I am afraid of what life will be without him. I am not willing to sit by and allow him to blame me fully for everything in our relationship. I know I need to feel respect and only my thoughts about myself affect how I show up but man it is hard.