Divorce (full Question)

Didn’t realize I would send the question when hitting the enter button. Apparently it says send 🙂 okay so I’ve been learning and hearing that I can make this day a great one because I decide to make it great. I can make this marriage great because it’s up to me. I can choose to make it great. How do you reconcile that with deciding to divorce your spouse? I’ve made my decision and I’ve decided that it’s right for me. I’m struggling to reconcile these two thoughts. Mine and the ones I’ve heard from Brooke and also agree with and love. As far as why I’m divorcing, my husband cheated twice. We got together quite young, and there are things that are important to me that we don’t have in common. Interests and belief systems. He would like to make it work. I don’t want to. Staying is also a valid choice, but I don’t want to stay in this case. Thanks.