Divorce part 100 probably

I am getting divorced. It’s hellish right now. Very adversarial, or it seems like my husband wants it that way. Given that I’ve now accepted that he is going to keep showing up as he has (which was no easy feat for me), I feel as if I have two options now:

Option A: continue to suffer his attacks, passive-aggressive maneuvers, lies, and attempted manipulation. Deal with this in a standoffish and protective way, stay away from people I don’t like and that don’t seem to have positive intentions towards me.

Option B: try to be friendly, kind, warm with him, which feels fake and also feels as if it could land us in being friendly/friends, and being friends with him is the absolutely last thing I want at this moment.

I don’t know what to do. I’ve asked myself, what if these were not the only two options? What would another option be? But I can’t seem to think of another one.