Hi Coaches, I am divorced with 4 children (all boys ranging from 16 – 4). My ex-husband cheated on me while I was pregnant with my last child. We had been HS sweethearts, married, went into A Lot of debt together. I battled a food addiction. We both left our Christian religion, ultimately becoming agnostic. After the divorce, the ex husband moved in with his parents, and my children are slowly joining him, the two oldest are living with him, the 3rd is getting closer to the point that he will be to. There are no rules at the ex and his parent’s home. I include all of this to give some context to the history we have. I am rejoining my Christian belief organized religion. The issue is my ex and I are battling how we will raise our children. he claims I am emotionally manipulative, he wants it to be open and “friend-like” parenting. I just need help in general. My life feels like it has fallen apart and everything I planned on is gone or in chaos. I do not know where to position myself emotionally. one example is my boys want computers in their bedrooms and I am worried about them viewing porn. I don’t want them having the computer in their bedroom, but a compromise would be to put a filter on the computer. the ex doesn’t agree with me on either accounts. The boys do not want to come to my house at all anymore…. it is to restricting.

C I have 4 boys
T I want to have some say in how they are raised
F I feel hopeless
A try to hold my ground, but losing the battle
R I feel lost, alone, and inadequate. I feel crazy