Do I allow discomfort or try to change it?

I received a terrific answer last week on my question about why I’m not deciding ahead of time and/or not honoring my decisions by following through. The answer was that I was bypassing feeling discomfort. It was totally spot on and I got it immediately. I can see that rather than feel discomfort – I’ll indulge in confusion or overplanning or buffering to try to avoid or minimize my discomfort. I’ve also taken the phrase “follow through no matter what” to mean that I should force myself to do something despite the discomfort; but that forcing feeling creates a lot of resistance and more discomfort (and of course isn’t working).

So while I think I understand all of this at some level, I’m not sure how to apply it. I guess my question is – what do I do with discomfort when I recognize it? Allow it/feel it without buffering? Try to figure out the thoughts causing discomfort and change the thoughts? And then how do I take action despite the discomfort? Generate new thoughts and feelings to drive actions?

I’ll give the example of doing my taxes again – the discomfort with following through seems to come from 3 different thoughts – I don’t know where all my paperwork is; I don’t know how long it will take; I’m not sure if I will owe money (or how much if I do). Should I challenge those thoughts and feelings of uncertainty? Or should I be trying to take action with the feeling of uncertainty still causing discomfort? If so, how?

Thanks so much – I really do want to understand how to apply all that I’m learning.