Do I Get A Bead

I had an urge for candy yesterday and allowed it. It went away and came back an hour later. This time I went to the store and bought candy and ate it. I’m really new to allowing urges. I have 5 beads in my jar. Do I get to put a bead in? (I might have allowed the urge the first time, because I thought I was still able to do it later if I chose to). Also last night I opened the freezer and saw ice cream and I said to myself I might have ice cream later, and I didn’t later. Do I get a bead for the ice cream too? Also I was on medication a couple of years ago that produced intense food cravings, and I started being unable to allow the urges. I HAD to act on it every time. So this is where I gained the weight. I realized that it had now become a pattern, of being unable to allow urges because I didn’t want to experience that intense urge again. I’m using the urge jar to re-learn how to allow urges again in my life. Have you had any experience with coaching after this reaction to medication? Thanks