Do I go to the job interview?

I have an opportunity to continue interviewing for a new job. I already have a job in the same field and it’s flexible and is serving me right now as I can work from home most days, which helps me to be with my children more and build my side business (less time commuting). I don’t want to take the job as it would take me away from my goals this year- I know that it will be more work, more money, more commuting etc. so my gut tells me to stop wasting time with interviews and just continue how I am. (Also, I have such great momentum right now and I feel starting a new job would very much throw me off track due to learning curve, etc.) However, the firm has a very strong reputation for working women and flexibility and I think I should go and just see if I can show them how much value I could add and see if it turns out to be even better than what I have now. Do you suggest following your gut more or doing what seems ‘right’?