Do I like my reasons? Confusion…

I’m indulging in some confusion over whether I should take a couple of courses in the fall. It seems like I am holding two simultaneously thoughts: 1) sometimes I think, yes, these courses would be so much fun and I’d love to learn about the subject. They cost $x but I have the money and what I would be learning would help me advance my career in the future 2) but other times I think, I’m just doing more passive action; maybe it would be more useful to take massive action like write a book and that would advance my career more. Do I really need another certification?

Like many coaches, I love to learn and am a serial course purchaser – some I’ve loved and others I see that I was looking for a “solution” and almost buffering in a way. Not sure if this is the case. The subjects are new and would add to my skill set.

Both thoughts above seem true to me and I’m unclear which is coming from a place of abundance and love. I would love some help in how to make this decision