Do I need a business coach – 2

Thank you for your feedback. I have worked on your Qs and have come up with this intentional model:

‘Faster’ Intentional model (meaning, create more revenue in a shorter time)

C: Current calendar year revenue so far 106k without a business program/coach.
T: I am right on track and can ramp things up to make another 94 in the final quarter. OR- This is totally doable (I don’t fully believe this yet, even though logically I do see that it is possible).
F: Energized
A: Get to work on building email list, mapping out next 2 launches. Stop using my time looking at programs thinking they have a ‘better’ way, spinning in indecision.
R: Create an additional 94k to make 200k revenue by Dec 31st 2021

‘Better’ Intentional model (meaning cleaner, more systematized business)

C: Two clear offers in a clear funnel using systems I have created.
T: This system will work to reach my goal.
F: Calm, in control
A: Work systematically, follow through on current plans, increase budget for FB ads, continue to find ways to simplify and refine systems.
R: Business runs smoothly, because of less tweaks to offers/launches and therefore less little mistakes and headaches along the way.

Possible obstacles with those > and my intentional responses:
– FB ads don’t scale well and so less leads than needed to meet goal for next launch > focus on serving those who ARE in the launch really well to increase conversion rate.
– Struggle to come up with enough different FB ads to be able to replace ones that don’t work > design double the amount of ads we usually do at the very beginning, start campaign earlier
– Not enough sign ups/conversions in the 2 launches to meet goal > avoid wanting to change the offer or add another launch or some other reactive action to try to still reach goal. Instead accept what is and evaluate to make improvements for next time.
– Start comparing myself/ my business to success stories in coaches programs that I follow > decide that they are an example of what is possible and that I am on track for the same success. My learning from any things that didn’t go as hoped will take me in the right direction. <<< This last one will be my biggest challenge! I already can sense that!!!!

Any feedback is really welcome. Thank you.

P.S. ‘Like my reasons’ – I also realize that my ‘reason why’ I think I need to join is coming from a graspy, non-confident place. Not one of positivity. Which is not a good place to start a program from. Helpful to know 🙂