Do I need a degree from a university to best help my clients? (who I don’t have yet, just to be clear, but I will have them)

One of my circumstances is that people perpetuated sexual violence on me as a child and into my late 20s. I’d like to take a moment to thank Brooke for opening mind up to another way of viewing how I think about that time in my life and being able to write that sentence, in that way (rather than ‘my mum repeatedly sexually abused me as a child and passed me around to other people in the town to be abused by and threatened to hurt my baby brother if I didn’t comply and then my other brother raped me on my 30th birthday because he has a creepy relationship with my mother. Oh, and my Dad who I adore was a drunk who yelled at me a lot and I now think that was because he knew what was going on but choose to do nothing about it’) because I neither feel like a victim or a survivor.

I did feel like a victim, but now. Now, it is, what it is. Its always been that. But now I can think of it as a circumstance and move forward and LIVE my life, rather than letting life happen to me. And sure, I well up a little thinking that, and thats ok, I’m sad for the little girl I was that went thru all that shit.

This is my question. I think that my niche is helping people lose weight who experienced similar circumstances to mine at a similar time in their life. I feel like a degree in psychology (because I am really curious about all the brain stuff (primitive and prefrontal cortex) well as master coach certification would help me in my business and I am interested to hear your view. Also. I am 5 days in to self coaching scholars. Its pretty awesome. When I get overwhelmed I thank my primitive brain for helping the smaller version of me get thru the circumstances of my childhood and then I tell it ‘I got this, you can have a rest now’. Coz, we’ve been on a journey, Mr Primitive Brainus and me. Except I didn’t realise my primitive brain was doing ALL the heavy lifting and keeping us weighed down at the same time. Thank you. You reading this. I am really grateful to you, and everyone at ‘The Life Coach School’, especially Rory and Rocket. It makes my day when I see them wandering about in the background of Brooke’s office. What a life those guys have. Have an amazing day. Love from me xoxox