Do I need to be doing models?

I’m in my triple of quadruple Diamond year, I’ve lost count. I do this work daily, but not necessarily in full models. I actually don’t do full models much anymore. Mostly I talk myself through daily challenges, categorizing out what’s a T, F, A or R – working up, down and sideways through the elements of the model, or categorizing the piece that’s holding me up (mostly the T). I’ll either explore an alternate experience (T) or notice if I need to pause at the F first to just experience it before I go pushing for a new T. Feel the F and in this way gradually let the C be neutral by letting the F just be an F I’m experiencing. Sometimes I map this on paper, sometimes it’s a convo in my head.

I love downloads and models because they can empty my head and bring relief and direction so quickly. I believe I’m not doing them most of the time because I’m tired of writing the same thing over and over. When it’s a hole I’ve been down many times and am familiar with, I skip to the conscious model – oh – I think I just answered my question. I need to do the single model with the C as “My brain is telling me … (insert thought getting in my way) and work that. Then I’m engaged on paper, exploring, being specific, and not repeating an unconscious model I’ve written out 10,000 times, which never feels like a productive use of time.

My question was going to be, at what point is it still effectively engaged to be doing this work in my head as described above, or by mapping it on paper as what’s the C, T, F. A, R without using the formal model form, and when do I need to write the whole thing out on paper? I think my answer is so what I need to do, and take the time and develops a stacked habit of one “My brain is offering me the thought” model at night because it feels good and keeps things cleaner and moving along, even if I just want to go to sleep.

Your thoughts?