Do I Need To Find A New Hairdresser

I have a great hairdresser. She is wonderful. I love my haircuts and have been seeing her for 7 years. We became friends over this time, traveled together, shared birthdays together etc. Earlier this year she asked my opinion of her boyfriend and I told her I didn’t like him. A few weeks later, she unfriended me on all social media and blocked my phone number (I tried to send her a few texts without response, so I’m assuming she has done that because she has done it in the past with others and delighted in telling me). I have seen her once since all of this happened because I thought she deleted her social media accounts rather than deleting me. I know she gets to show up how she wants to, behave how she wants to and that’s okay. My issue is, do I continue going to her as a hairdresser? I feel that if I do I am not honoring my values (standing up for myself, not letting people take advantage of my kindness), and that why should I give her my money if she can’t even be respectful towards me. I love the salon and I love her as a hairdresser, but I feel betrayed by her. I’ve tried doing a model on this but get clouded by external advice on friends so tell me to cut her out of my life and get a new hairdresser and always end up with the action if getting a new hairdresser which is fueled by my feelings of anger and frustration. What thought could I have to make me feel good about this situation?