Do I tell my 17 year old about how I feel?

I am married to a covert narcissist and only found out that there is such a thing a few months ago. I care for my children (some adults) and am there for them. I get up with them and say good bye – love you – have a good day.  She is not saying goodbye and is answering me with a irritated tone.

Today I heard her talk to her dad who never starts a conversation. As she left she said goodbye in the sweetest voice. So my covert narcissist husband who neither says hello or goodbye on his own ever gets better treatment than I do. Does she crave his love and is trying to get it by being nice while I get the brunt of her behavior?

I am worried I stayed way too long and my kids are all scared. I am making an exit plan knowing full well that some kids will turn against me.