Do I use Intentional, Bridge or Ladder thought for my C?

These past couple of weeks I’ve been working way more than I ever have these past couple of months (day job). I was assigned several active projects due to contract ending with consultants so the organization had to transition over those projects to internal resources. I was challenged to figure everything out and work with different teams in a very short amount of time and I am in meetings I would say 90% of the time.

As a result of working longer hours during the week, this has caused a disruption in my focus and energy to work on my coaching business during the week and then on the weekend I find myself super tired and exhausted from the week. I am grateful for my job as it allows me to pay my bills, invest money in my business, challenges me to go out of my comfort zone and I am learning how to strengthen and develop my skills, but sometimes, I start questioning whether I can do it all and wonder if this is just the beginning in terms of the work load.

I know that this is temporary and it’s the way I am thinking about my circumstance, however, I am having a difficult time seeing that it’s a choice because leadership is expecting a certain output.

C – I was assigned six active projects on top of my current workload
T – I’m not sure how long I can do this
F – Depleted
A – I work past my time into the late evenings to catch up, I don’t get enough sleep, I start thinking about all the work I need to do, I become irritable and frustrated with myself when I don’t allow myself to take a break, I question if I am doing a good job, I question my technical understanding of all these projects, I complain to my friends, I doubt myself and my ability to manage my work load and what I am producing. I haven’t been focusing on my coaching because I physically and emotionally feel tired all the time.
R – I continue to feel depleted when I think that I’m not sure how long I can do this