Do I walk away or say yes to the pay?

I have seasonal employment in education which concludes next week. My employer has opened other 5-week part-time positions for the summer. I’ve applied to the one I am the most “yes” to. The only problem is the pay rate is under earning. They’ve offered me the position and I will request a higher rate. If they say no, I want to plan my next step. Do I walk away or accept the original rate?

I have a coaching business and have been working the Entrepreneurship study vault to help me create traction. I’m afraid to walk away from this under earning summer work because of (a) the possibility of losing other income that is contingent on me not declining new work (b) the thought that It’s prudent to keep steady income in my life, even if it’s temporarily under earning. I was in a similar situation 6 years ago and ended up in dire financial straits because I think I might have left that other job too soon.

I’m afraid to say yes b/c of feeling resentful (T: How dare these people offer such small-time money)(T: Even though it’s 10 hours per week, it’s taking away time from other things I’d rather do).

There’s what I want to do: say no to this job if they don’t come up on the pay. Then I’d go balls to the walls on coaching actions. And there’s what feels like I’m taking care of near-future me by working the 10 hours per week on this summer employment, keeping the income flowing from the other thing, and still having time (though 10 hours less) to build my coaching business.

Thought Download:
-I want to say no if they won’t move on $XX/hr
– I am above and beyond accepting work that is JUST $XX/hr
– Clearly the school doesn’t value tutors if they are paying this rate
– I feel offended
– I don’t even want this job
– I’m only taking this job to keep the cash flow
– $XX/hr just doesn’t feel right
– If they say no, I want to feel confident and powerful in my bones
– It’s only 5 weeks
– I’m sending a shitty message to the universe if I accept this rate

C- Summer tutor pay rate
T- This rate is beneath me
F- Contempt
A- Interact with coordinator in a snobby tone, do professional development with resentment, disgruntled energy when tutoring the kids
R- I show up with “this is beneath me/better than thou” energy, even if ever so slightly.

C – Summer tutor rate $XX/hr
T- Clearly the school doesn’t value me if they are paying such a low rate
F- Offended
A-Passive aggressive; wait long time to reply to requests; don’t even bother to request more money
R- I don’t like the person I show up as. (Is there another potent Result here?)

C- Summer tutor rate $XX/hr
T- I don’t even want this job.
F- Apathetic
A- Do C- work, roll my eyes then reply slowly to message requests, show up late to meetings and sessions
R- I don’t like the person I show up as. Damage my reputation.

C- Summer tutor coordinator says no to my request for more money (hypothetical scenario)
T- Great! Now I can focus even more on coaching.
A- 3-4 hrs/day LinkedIn and connection calls, talk to way more people, make offers
R- Sign new coaching clients

C- Summer tutor coordinator says no to my request for more money (hypothetical scenario)
T – At least I get to keep the cash flow rollin’ in.
F- Acceptance
A- I accept the position anyway.
R -Income continues to flow as I continue to take lead-gen actions for coaching biz.