Do I want something "fun and casual?"

I got divorced in February, and I’m working on learning to love being single and on my own and not needing to be in a relationship to be happy. Since I was about 17, I have either gone from relationship to serious relationship with maybe being single a month before entering a relationship with my now ex-husband. I’ve had sex with a couple of partners since, both casual or not serious. It’s been recently that I decided I’d like to learn to be happy single (and feel genuinely happy) but also leveled up my mindset around dating and not rushing or settling or swiping to buffer.

Here’s my question: I met a guy on a dating app who asked me if I’d be interested in something fun and casual. I kinda want to say yes, but I also wonder if this will hold me back from learning to be happy on my own. My current answer: it could be possible for me to just have fun, but I could also see me letting my mind focus entirely too much on it instead of me.