Do It Anyway Or Reprogram My Primitive Preferences?

I am a writer and have been working on this book for a few years now.

I am working with a writing coach and have revised my book proposal a few times already after receiving feedback that what I’d written previously was not good enough/not working.

All these years I have been struggling with resistance to writing and would dread writing, procrastinate and barely manage to get writing done and I feel that once again recently.

I think that I have a better understanding now about how my brain is programmed and that instead of waiting to feel like it or waiting to want to write, I just need to understand that it’s very unlikely that I will feel like it and do it anyway.

I heard Brooke talking about exercise though, and how she spoke with a friend of hers about not liking to exercise and that friend asked her “Do you want to like to exercise?”
And Brooke mentions that until that point she didn’t realize that she could develop the capacity to like this activity that even naturally her brain prefers to not do.

It made me think about writing.
If I want a long-term relationship with writing and for it not to be a struggle and a dread each time, perhaps instead of forcing myself to do it even when I dread it, I should work on generating love to write, so it will be an activity I actually enjoy and look forward to.

I know it goes against my brain’s programming and right now it seems impossible to achieve from where I am at, but is it worth trying to invest the time reprogramming my primitive preferences (motivational triad) or rather invest time in doing it anyway?