Do we ALWAYS have enough time?

Hi Brooke

I’ve just signed up for scholars and I’m SUPER excited to get started. I have a question for you: Is there ever a point when we genuinely don’t have enough time, or is this always just a thought we are having?

Here is my situation. I am in the final year of a PhD, and my funding ended in December last year. I started a new job as an analyst in January for 4 days a week, and I work on my PhD for the remainder of the time. My job is demanding, and I need to learn lots of new skills in order to do it successfully. My PhD is also very demanding. My analyst job was initially a temporary contact, but my manager has offered to extend my contact for another 9 months.

The issue is that I am worried that I won’t have enough time to do both. I’m eager to finish my PhD as quickly as possible, and I think that if I leave my job then I can focus all of my energy into finishing my PhD faster. But the downside is that I will miss out on all the things I could learn from my job, and of course I won’t have an income.

Is it possible for me to do both? Can I learn how to manage my mind and my time and succeed at doing a great job in work, as well as finishing my PhD in a timely manner? Can I do this without feeling exhausted or burning myself out?

Thanks for your help and I look forward to meeting you during the coaching calls 🙂