Do we create manuals for entities or businesses?

I contact and work with many different and various vendors for their products. I don’t know all the answers and that is why I contact them. The other day I had to contact a well-known vendor to find out how to access a consulting service we had paid handsomely for. Basically, you must use the link to set up the appointment. I had scheduled no more than 15 minutes from Monday Hour One to accomplish this task.

About one hour later, yes one hour later, and after three support people, and navigating through a PDF file to a site to click on a link to get me to the ACTUAL link took over 55 minutes. In my opinion, what should have been a five-minute call or less turned into yet another drawn-out conversation.

Please know I contact support AFTER I have exhausted our own materials, company support web sites and portals, search engine results and ever YouTube videos.

Needless to say, I was very disappointed in the company’s ability to produce a single link for a mainstream consulting product not found on any of their support websites or our customer portal. The people were helpful but didn’t have the tools they needed. That’s not my fault. PLUS, my planned schedule is now out of whack.

I make these kinds of calls for support and clarification all the time and this kind of experience happens at least 75% of the time and not just with this company.

I have taken some of these to the model and found the feeling of frustration more often than not. The frustration is that I am not able to complete a portion or all of the project because it is out of my control. That project has a deadline. That typically turns into having to take even more time because I am behind agreed-upon deliverables and have to take more time to accomplish it.

How to approach this? Am I creating manuals for these businesses? If I am creating manuals for business what potentials could my intential model have? What am I missing? What are some possible and potential next steps?

Thank you.