Do We Use The Same C Line In Both Models?

Hello, I’m doing my daily work, and am wondering if we have to use the same c line in both the intentional and unintentional model.

Here’s my unintentional model:

C: budget for year 2020
T: It’s important to get a handle on my expenses.
F: Guilty
A: I don’t do the work to create a business budget. I don’t know if I’m ahead or behind.
R: Getting a handle on my expenses stays in the future.

Should my intentional model also have “Budget for the Year 2020” in my C line? Or can I experiment with a “future completed C?

For example:
C: Using my 2020 budget
T: my expenses are on par with my budget
F: Competent
A: keep reviewing budget and recording expenses and revenue, use budget as decision making tool.
R: My expenses continue to match my budget.

I’m interested in playing more with putting the future result in the C line as a fact completed.

Can you recommend a podcast or resource on this please? Thanks