Doctor Prescribed Xanax

I recently went to the doctor to get my hormones checked to make sure I wasn’t dealing with something chemically in my body that has been affecting my moods. In speaking with her, she ended up prescribing me Xanax to take when my anxiety gets to levels that are “unmanageable.” By unmanageable, I mean that 3-5 days out of the month, I get relentless anxiety that no matter how much thought work, breathing deeply, feeling my feelings, exercising, etc…it just doesn’t go away even for a second.

The issue is that I actually fear getting addicted to anything…getting addicted to alcohol, pills, or anything that is considered addicting.

I have many negative thoughts surrounding this issue, but here is the model I have started that I’m not sure how to transform into an intentional model that serves me better in this situation.

Unintentional Model:
C: There’s a bottle of Xanax in the house prescribed to me
T: I’m going to get addicted
F: Fearful
A: Spin in anxious thoughts
R: More anxiety

Intentional Model(that’s not working for me)
C: There’s a bottle of Xanax in the house prescribed to me
T: It’s okay to take a pill for anxiety, and it’s okay not to. The pills are neutral
F: Slightly Worried
A: Stew in thoughts that the pills can be addictive
R: Still anxious thoughts (because I’m not sure I fully believe the thought).

I WANT to feel confident and relaxed about the idea that the pills are there if I need them. But I am getting confused about the path to get there.