Doctor Wives

I am so excited about my niche!
Here it is: I work with women married to MDs or DOs who feel
they have lost themselves in order for their husbands to succeed. This often happens due to moving for training, giving up jobs, and changing family expectations. They are struggling to be happy. Of course they love their husbands and have been their number one fans, but they often have feelings of jealousy and resentment.
I am working on my six part program which is going to be extremely useful in helping them to find happiness now (in training or beyond).
The six pieces are
1. The model
2. Self-pity
3. Other’s opinions “The Trophy Wife”
4. You Go Girl! (Getting it Done)
5. Resentment/Jealousy
6. How to be a Great Spouse.

I’m amazed at how quickly my curriculum and worksheet ideas come to me. But it’s because I’ve lived this life. My husband graduated medical school in 2008, and we are in training only making 60K this year!!
I hear so many lies all the time about how things are better and worth it. I got tired of waiting, found your podcast, invested in SCS and am finding joy in the present. Of course I look forward to him finishing training and making “doctor money”. But I’m no longer planning on it to make me happy.

I’ve got to get my material out there and help these women!!
I’m working on the 14 steps from your podcast. I’m on the list to be interviewed for 2018 training.
Here’s where I start to stall. Do I go forward with a website and blog now, or just create my blog and curriculum off-line and wait for the techy help training provides.
Plus, as much as I think I can coach, I haven’t had a chance to do it. So, am I a complete scam without training?! Other than always being the sounding board for my friends (and often advice giver!). But that’s not the same as actual coaching.
So, I guess my question is- what is the best use of my time until
I can get into full training?
Am I missing a place or podcast to learn how to coach?
I could hire techs now and follow your 14 steps… do thought work and try to get clients immediately.
I could take a job and save money this year until next years September class. This might help me be more prepared and get the most help out of what is offered there…

But this is where my passion is and it is clicking so well for me, I don’t want to lose my mojo.