Does a physical pain come in the model? Can a Though create physical pain?

Hi coach!

For a couple of years I have been dealing with a pain in my jaw, I have been to the dentist several times and they tell me that it is a matter of alignment of my teeth. But, I have realized that it is a pain that is not constant and flares up from time to time.

This week I am in pain again and at the same time I try to identify the possible emotional situations that trigger it. I made these two models:

C: jaw pain
T: my teeth must be worse again
F: despair
A: I move my jaw + I try to rearrange my teeth + I complain of pain
A: more pain

And this other model, where I start with my C on the R line:

C: Awareness of my tongue
T: My tongue is badly positioned and it is damaging my teeth
A: Moving my tongue to different positions + Trying to position my teeth + stressing that my teeth are getting worse
R: jaw pain

I find that the more I focus on all of this the pain and discomfort increases. This is why I bring it here, because I think it is a matter of my thoughts that is increasing my physical pain. Because when I’m distracted it doesn’t hurt, while I laugh it doesn’t hurt and I don’t feel anything.

Thank you for your thoughts on this!