Does ‘Everyone Has The Right To Do What They Want’ Apply to Abuse?

Hi, Brooke…

So, I have been in and out of a relationship for several years that has been for all intents and purposes mentally abusive.

Here is my question: does allowing someone to be who they are and not trying to change them apply to pathological lying? What about gas lighting and verbal abuse? Is setting a boundary in these situations in conflict with the idea that people can be and do whatever they want?

What about people who rape and murder other people? Or extreme abuses of power at the top of some countries government regimes? Or, what if you saw someone in the grocery store yelling at or hitting a small child? The argument that these people should just be allowed to do these things without consequence or intervention seems off, and I’m sure it’s because I am missing something…

Sorry to use such over the top examples, but, I guess I am trying to navigate the subtleties of some of the teachings, and, would really love some clarification on when and how to apply some of them.

Thank you!