Does it count as “allowing an urge” when it doesn’t really feel like an urge?

I’m trying to stop eating when I’m not hungry. This mostly happens at night after dinner where I was in the habit of eating dessert or chocolate even though I wasn’t hungry anymore. I started writing my allowed urges on the “100 urges worksheet” but I have a question:  Each day after dinner the thought of something sweet arises in my mind. Sometimes I feel the urge to have something (T: “I really really want this”), but other times not (T: “I could go get something nice”). It’s like the thought is there as a habit, and I would usually go get something either way because I had no reason not to treat myself. Now I do.

So on the days where I don’t feel an actual urge but still don’t go eat something when that thought arises, does it “count” as allowing an urge? I feel it’s more like allowing/dismissing a thought. It feels much easier to do because I can simply remind myself I don’t want to overeat anymore. It’s no real effort, so I feel like I’m “cheating” when I write it down on my worksheet.  Thanks for your guidance.