Does the reason matter?

I started a podcast years ago and abruptly quit due to some circumstances, and I liked my reasons then. I always intended to return to it, but it’s been 1.5 years. I have the time now, but have been dragging my feet even though there is more interest in it than ever (3 companies have reached out in the last month wanting to be sponsors, which never happened when I was on air). I mention this because I finally have what I wanted in the sense of great interest, but I just don’t seem to care either.

I always had a goal of getting to X episodes (8 short of where I’m at now), but I don’t want to continue it indefinitely because I want to pivot. My pivot also involves the same audience, so I can see the use of finishing: so I can at least tell people where I’ll be and how I can continue to serve them, but I have zero motivation.

I see my brain coming up with questions to solve for why I have zero motivation, but I’m coming up blank. I seem to recall that Brooke once said that we don’t always have to know our reason. Should I just make a decision and then do actions in favor of that decision? How do I get unstuck?