Dog issues

I’m pretty happy if this is the biggest issue in my life to talk about 🙂

My dog annoys me. She wee’s on my lovely rug and she poops in the house when she doesn’t want to go outside because it’s raining or someone has locked the dog door so she knows if she goes out then she won’t get back in. She puts muddy foot prints through the house and she barks like crazy at people who may be out the front of our house.

She’s 8. Some of these issues came up with moving houses and the training falling off etc. but I have no desire to put time and money into trying to retrain her.

Problem with all this is my daughters are obsessed with her and get sad/annoyed that I don’t love her as much as they do.

I don’t want my daughters to see me as uncaring.

I just don’t like being responsible for another living thing. I don’t like the impact she has on my life.

I feel bad feeling this way to a dog who is my shadow and adores me.