My partner and I recently divorced. I have a dog with separation anxiety, and I have kept the dog.

I have major guilt every time I go out because the dog howls. I am really struggling with the guilt and am thinking maybe I just shouldn’t go out.

This is not what I want, but the guilt and anxiety over leaving him outweigh the joy of going out. I film it and I can visibly see he is very distressed.

I did a couple of models:

C dog howling when I leave the house
T I am so restricted by the dog
F Trapped
A think of all the ways I’m trapped, forecast guilt for when I go out next, think about what I can’t do because of this howling, feel resentful towards my ex because I have all the responsibility, tell myself this is hard, un-excited about my new future
R I am restricted by me

C dog howling when I leave the house
T he will be okay
F accepting
A go out, live life, meet people, do what I want
R I am okay and he is okay

I’m struggling with the IM because I don’t believe he will be okay, as he is really stressed and it’s not healthy for a dog to get like that. I have done so much training with him. Also, I’m worried a neighbor will complain and that I’ll get kicked out of my house. I also think about moving- I can’t move anywhere because neighbors will complain.

Thanks coaches.