Doing FB Lives

I have a block about doing FB Lives. I’m afraid that I will make a mistake or forget what I have to say – basically that it won’t turn out as I am hoping. I have high standards and the way I measure it is after I’ve done the work I have to be happy with it. When I’m happy about the work I don’t care whether others criticize it for example. They can do whatever they want because I’m happy with my work. I like to achieve this feeling whenever I’m doing my work, I love working on stuff knowing I’ll get this feeling of satisfaction once it’s finished.

But it often takes a few rounds and iteration – it’s definitely not the most efficient process.

When it comes to FB Lives, I’d like to be able to do them. It represents the idea of being free to just say whatever I like and not have to go back to change it, just be done with it. I’m not sure what’s behind this block, potentially fear of judgement/ rejection/ not being able to maintain my image?

What would you suggest I look into?

Thank you for your help