Doing it again

I know it’s my thoughts, but still struggle to find and believe better ones. Before the second wave of COVID, when gyms reopened, I decided to go back to the gym on Nov 23rd. Up until then, I decided to get more in shape to be able to perform closer to the level I did when gyms closed. So, I began eating better and exercising at home and was able to get to my ideal weight in three weeks (lost 6 pounds). However, as soon as I found out that gyms got closed again, my brain freaked out and I began overeating and put on some of the weight again. If I continue, I am afraid that I will get back into an overeating habit and gain the weight I lost. I don’t want that to happen, but am not sure what thoughts I could think that will help me prevent putting on more weight and keep doing the work I have been doing for these three weeks.

My unintentional model is:

C. Closed gym.
T. I will not be able to maintain the weight I want without going to the gym/put on weight.
F. Scared./Hopeless.
A. Don’t even want to exercise. Overeat. Don’t believe I can maintain the desired weight.
R. Have gained weight.

Intentional model:

C. Closed gym.
T. I can maintain my weight no matter what. (But I don’t believe my thought because I am looking at my past experiences and am having a challenge looking into the future).
F. Doubt (the thought).
A. Not feeling hopeful. Don’t listen to/believe myself. Don’t exercise. Overeat.
R. Gained weight.

What can I think to feel powerful and in charge? I don’t like “I want to believe/do, etc…” or that kind of thought. They feel fake, weak, and annoying.

Please help.