Doing it right

Hi Brooke,

I’ve been a scholar for 6 months now and am also joining Coach Training in April. I’m working really hard on myself and trying to be as prepared as possible. I’m doing thought work daily, journal daily, do all the monthly workbooks, and have gone through just about all of the assets, and get tutoring every month.

I’m so busy trying to “do it right” and I get lost in my head when I get stuck or can’t get my mind under control/out of self doubt and confusion, because I feel like I should know how to do it by now. I freak out when I don’t know the right answer to thought work or I experience confusion. I’m demanding perfection of myself, because that’s the illusion I think I believe about life coaches and people who do this work – that they don’t ever struggle with confusion, self-doubt, fear, and they always know exactly what to do to quickly get out of it if they do.

I’m tired of feeling this way and am working hard on my thoughts. I think I expect to no longer have confusion, self doubt or fear now that I know the tools. Could you help me out of this hole?