Doing models on my thought ladder

Hello! I need help to create a thought ladder to manage the fear of the side effects that I am experiencing from the medications that I need to take for my frozen embryo transfer cycle. The fear comes from thought that the side effects that I am experiencing will lead to another treatment that is cancelled because my body gets very ill and completing the cycle is dangerous. I feel that a thought ladder will help me feel calm throughout the process because it is not easy to go from “the cycle will get canceled” to “there’s a 65% chance that the treatment will work and I am okay with my expectations”. I did my first model on my intentional thought yesterday but I haven’t done a thought ladder before and I am not sure what thought could help me feel calm as I experience new symptoms (which happened today). Here are my models:
Unintentional model
C: Side effect of the FET drugs
T: My cycle will get canceled if the symptoms get worst
F: Fear, Anxious, Defeated
A: Play around with the thought
R: I feel paralyzed

1st Intentional model:
C: Same
T: I know this side effect. I’ve experienced it before. I can handle it today.
F: Compassion
A: Practice breathing exercises to relax as I practice my new thought
R: Go back to my daily activities feeling calm

Thank you!!!