Doing Models

Hey Brooke (or her mastercoaches) ! I’m Mathilde, from France (so in advance I apologize if sometimes my English is not correct) an I am a tax lawyer (and I maybe want to become a lifecoach but the coaching is going to help me figuring that out I guess). I finally started my homework for this month and this is very difficult. When I start to do a thought download I feel like I can’t think anymore. Anyway.
I just picked a thought and I am wondering :
1) For the unintentional thought pattern : when I do my model, should I put my thought in the T line and go from there or should I look at what trigger that thouth to start with the C ?
2) For the intentional thought pattern : should I start with the result I want in my life or with the emotion I want to feel ?
I hope you’re all doing well and really hope I can come visit in Dallas some day !
Thank you for your answer.