Doing Nothing vs Doing Something

Hi. Very often when I get to work, I have tension appearing in my mouth. This is kind of uncomfortable and I have let myself be bothered by it. I have spent countless times (months) trying to talk myself out of it and trying to look at the model producing that tension.

An alternative is to make this tension be just a thing for now and let it be there without focusing on it without trying to make something about it
Which sounds like the description of allowing. But, when we hear coaches talking about allowing like a wave, we generally build this subtle expectation that “if I am doing it right at some point it will go away.” If this is not happening, maybe I am missing something, maybe I need to find the actual model creating this tension.

Given all this, my question would simply be, is there a way to know when we had better just focus on neutralizing whatever is happening without changing it, even if we are responsible for it, and when we had better search, question, rewrite our narrative creating what’s happening?

I hope I was clear enough. Thanks a lot.