Doing the hard work

Hi Brooke
I’ve had a some tough experiences at work recently with lots of very detailed work and triple the work load I normally have which has lead me to fall behind in a huge way with deadlines coming up for it all to be delivered. I am in the trenches with the thought work. Usually I find myself paralysed with fear in these situations but I have managed to turn the whole thing around a couple of times over in terms of my thoughts and staying on task. I had a lot on last night then I huge amount of dread/ panic/ despair last night when I got home. Just absolute bleakness about my whole life and my ability to manage lots of detailed work. It’s not my forte. Anyway this morning I got up at 5 feeling like complete shit and walked listening to your podcast and then mediated and got my head back. Then I did it today again in the afternoon. I had to work pretty damn hard to stay on track and then I had to have lots of small difficult conversations with people to get the project back on track from mistake I made in the details. Yikes. Anyway it’s the end of the day and I feel pretty proud for adulting so hard today. I feel like a pilot who’s pulled up out of a nose dive several times today and I managed to do it without having meltdowns so ‘Go, me!’ I kept pushing through and working on my mindset and thoughts. I actually feel like I have spend the day weightlifting I am so tired. Anyway, the 50% rule applies so thanks for that. As my friend says “Some days are diamond, some days are stone.”I definitely took responsibility for my reactions.
thanks, Brooke!