doing the right thing is hard

I recently started personal training with a trainer and he has been acting inappropriately. The way he communicated with me on social media is very flirtatious and we started developing feelings for each other. Before it has gone too far, I have decided that I no longer feel safe and comfortable to train with him. He also touched me inappropriately at one point.

After talking to several people about the incidents, I was encouraged to report him to his manager. I asked for my personal training fees back and they first refused to refund me the money but once I started telling them the appropriate behaviours of the trainer, they decided to give my money back.

The reason why I am so struggling is because the trainer told me about his fantasies for the people he trains with and because he works around young women in their early 19, or 20s, I am just feeling uneasy about the things he privately shared with me and I am pressured to do the “right thing” by my ladies friends to share this information with his manager too.

I am not sure what to do at this point. Should I be telling his manager his private conversations with me? Or should I just walk away from it and forget about all of this?