Doing the work

So, I need to be walked through this.

There is a woman who triggers me like crazy. (I get that it’s my thinking, but hear me out :)).

Obviously this is a sign that I have work to do. So, what does that mean? I need to do models about my thoughts that are driving me crazy when I interact with this woman? By doing models, what will this do for me? How do I actually feel better? Why is this particular woman triggering me like this? Does she possess qualities that I don’t like about myself? Does she possess qualities that I need? I totally get if it was my Mom or someone else close to me, why I would want to fix it, but this is just a random parent of my son’s teammate. By doing my work, does this mean she will no longer trigger the thoughts that are bothering me? Is the point to make the triggering go away? I’m just trying to understand the process and for some reason it is bringing up all of these questions. Thank you for walking me through this!